2011 Peach Festival - Squirrels Nest

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2011 Peach Festival

Date: August 1, 2011
The kitchen crew!

I thought this year I would post a picture of the kitchen crew! God Bless Them! They worked all day with out a complaint. Of course since they don't have time to eat I had to make sure there were plenty of nibbles for them other than peaches. Oh and lots of coffee! I'm sure they were dreaming about peaches in their sleep that night.

But what a great day at The Nest! Customers lined up through out the day for the once a year peach treat. Bite size pieces of peach dipped in either creamy milk chocolate or rich dark chocolate. What fun the worker bees had watching everyones face as they enjoyed each and every bite. When I asked what they remembered most about remarks at the end of the day ~ they said it was more just watching the customers faces as they stood there taking their first bite. The girls said the facial expressions said it all ~ followed by "WOW" and a smile. Old timers brought their coolers so they could walk about the festival with out their peaches melting. The conversation was not just about peaches I was told, but also about how much they enjoyed their Easter chocolates from the "Nest". One lady mentioned all the different types of chicks, eggs, and bunnies and how much her daughter loved them.  

The candy cases were filled to the brim with all the year round favorites when the doors opened that day. Butter Cream, Cherry Cream and Coconut Cream. Pretzels, Turtles and Nut Clusters all in both milk and dark chocolate lined up in their spot just where everyone knows to look for them. Did I mention the Toffee Crunch? For those that do not like chocolate (I can't imagine) Jelly Beans, Gummies, and Hard Candy Lolly Pops filled their bags. Oh ~ and just for the record once again sales for milk chocolate covered peaches won out over the dark.

Seems everyones sweet tooth was filled by the end of the day.