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I have posted the Valentine Candies and it is time to place your order!     

We offer sets of lollys for school parties, little Valentine gift bags, Foil Hearts in both milk & dark chocolate, Heart shaped gift boxes, and hard candy lollys ~ just to name a few!           




With each year there come changes. Due to family obligations I am no longer able to handle all the different aspects of the store. While I have enjoyed having an actual walk in store front all these years, I am no longer able to have store front hours.  I will be available by appointment, to help plan chocolate favors for your special event or for those of you placing corporate orders.  While you may catch me by chance on the phone, to set up the appointment the best way is to send me an email.   nancy@squirrels-nest.com 

If you live close by and want to "pick up" some of our chocolates ~ Squirrel's Nest Chocolates are available at Newark Natural Foods (you may want call before making the trip to make sure their order is there). The Delaware Store in Dover, Real Food Period, and Lost and Found Again (Middletown). These three have stock on hand. I try and let you know on Face Book when chocolates arrive at these stores.

The mail order section will remain the same. Orders can be placed 24/7 on the web site. If you prefer not to order online, you can send me your order by email. Just remember to add your name, address, and phone number. When filling your order I will call you to get your credit card information. It is VERY important to give plenty of time for me to process your order. I am no longer in the store seven days a week due to responsibilities of elderly family members.  I really do not want to retire but must at this time re-adjust schedules.


As always I hope I have not only made your life a little easier but sweeter as well!



Since 1980 The Squirrel's Nest has been providing families with natural sweets. My mission is to continue offering great tasting-fun foods that do not contain synthetic ingredients.