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Close Outs

The products I list here are either nearing their best by date or being discontinued.  The King Mints are past their best by date. This does not effect the quaility or flavor. We will not be restocking them.  Looking forward, I can't help but realize the obvious. The fact that I have been led by the hand as doors opened and closed at just the right times. When I started offering my chocolates by mail (1990), customers would say they could not find this or that locally. Natural treats were at that point almost impossible to find.

For years I was able to provide those new and exciting hard to find natural treats. Now that the industry has realized the need, these items are more readily available at your local stores. I am sure those of you that have ordered from us for years, notice the list has been getting a wee bit smaller. With items available at your local stores my job has changed and timing could not be more perfect! The saying "Blessed are the flexible for they can bend without breaking" applies to so many aspects of my life. This flexibility helps as the care needs continue to become greater with both my mother and mother in law.

That being said  ~ I am not sure what the next several years will bring. But can say many items will not be replaced as they sell out.