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It's back to school time! For those of you that are new to the Feingold Program (feeding your children naturally) here is a helpful hint. Many teachers give out candy / snacks as rewards. It helps to give an air tight container with treats that your child likes to the teacher ahead of time. This can prevent melt downs. Either from your child doing with out or the teacher giving an artificial treat to your child.

Most of you know that I have been slowly discontinuing products that are readily available for some time now. It has been wonderful over the years to see all the foods on our wish list become a reality. With most items (or something similar) now available at local levels my mission has narrowed. I have felt a strong loyalty to my customers, holding on till confident many items are no longer hard to find but available from many sources.   That being said ~ more items have been moved to the close out section.  

I have posted the Halloween, Fall Harvest, and other chocolate items. I like to put them up for you to see so you know what we will be offering. Just remember that if you have any of these items on your order the whole order will be held until they are available. I do watch the weather closely and sometimes ship to the north sooner than I do to the hotter states.

Warm weather is still here in Delaware! I have posted the chocolates but they will not ship until mid Oct. Items like marshmallows, hard candies, gum, and gummies are available until then. If you do live in a warmer area or are not home during the day you can choose to have your order held at the Post Office. There is no fee for this and it keeps things from melting. Yes, even gummies and marshmallows melt if left in the hot sun.


For those of you that live in or close to Delaware. You will find Squirrel's Nest Chocolates at  these locations ~ Lost and Found Again (Middletown), Newark Natural Foods (Newark), and The Delaware Store (Dover). So no reason to do without your chocolate fix from the "Nest"!



As always I hope I have not only made your life a little easier but sweeter as well!



Since 1980 The Squirrel's Nest has been providing families with natural sweets. My mission is to continue offering great tasting-fun foods that do not contain synthetic ingredients.