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Welcome to the Squirrel's Nest!

The original all natural candy store.
The store that provides natural alternatives 
for you and your children. 

Voted "Best Candy Shop"   


At the end of our Christmas season I closed the Broad St store.  I had left items up for those that wanted to order one more time. But with the postal increase I am losing too much money shipping the orders to make it cost effective. I will take the products off Thursday Jan 28th.

Depending on circumstances in my life my goal is to play with chocolate if at all possible.  I hope  to continue to support Alzheimer’s fundraisers, Purdue University’s National Engineering Challenge, and a few local events. There may even be a wedding or two in there somewhere. Sorry I can’t be any clearer but life just does not give us a crystal ball!

How blessed I have been to share all these years with so many of you! What fun it has been providing treats for your children and for some now your grandchildren.  It has been a privilege working with multiple generations and their need for natural treats. I have cherished our chats when you stopped by, your notes, phone calls, and receiving your family Christmas photos.  

I passionately took on the job of providing items when the need was there. If you have read my history you understand that it was indeed a win win. By helping you it allowed me to heal from the loss of my Jason, the little boy that started it all.

Now that natural products are readily available to you locally my job has become obsolete. It seems all but one item on our natural wish list is now available.  We old timers remember things on that wish list like lolly pops, bubble gum, gummies, and donuts. The one thing I am still waiting for is candy corn!

Looking back it is funny how things are so crystal clear. God placed just the right people in my life each step of the way to allow me to continue serving you all these years. It is bitter sweet and yes I have been having trouble letting go.  But it is time.  I have 4 beautiful grandchildren that I want to spend time with. Next Christmas I may just have time to bake a cookie or two!

I mentioned to a friend that it was time to start a new chapter in my life. Their answer was it’s time to start a new book! This book has been a little lengthy. So it’s time it ended and I start another!


As always I hope I have not only made your life a little easier but sweeter as well!



Since 1980 The Squirrel's Nest has been providing families with natural sweets. My mission is to continue offering great tasting-fun foods that do not contain synthetic ingredients. 

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